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10 Academic Non-Sequiturs

Nobody can miss the point like a well-paid, federally subsidized scholar. Here are ten who tried and failed again in 2010:

1.      An academic [1] who believes that Social Security is sound;

2.      Professors who still believe that the woes that afflict higher education can [2] be solved through federal intervention;

3.      A BC sociologist who sees the major problem in the Middle East as—Israel [3];

4.      A Central Florida [4] political scientist who can’t believe people would think President Clinton was left-wing;

5.      A Berkeley [5] prof bemoaning phantom budget cuts;

6.      A Yale [6] economist who compares global warming skeptics to Hitler-appeasing Neville Chamberlain;

7.      A Notre Dame philosopher who tried to sell libertarians on welfare rights [7];

8.      Back to Berkeley to find a lawyer who can’t understand why Americans like Red Lobster [8];

9.      A University of Arizona [9] prof  showed the value of reading by not perusing her state’s new immigration law before denouncing it; and

10.  A Lynchburg College art professor who [10] worked Stalin into a D-Day sculpture even though old Joe was nowhere near Omaha Beach.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia [11].

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