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Academic Wellth

An academic veteran is concerned with the degree to which student debt affects academic performance. Now if only university VIPs would notice the extent to which college costs lead to student debt.

A featured speaker,Kate Trombitas, previously served as the associate director of The Ohio State University Student Wellness Center, where she founded Scarlet & Gray Financial, a peer-to-peer financial education program,” her speaker’s bureau points out. “Her expert financial advice for college students was recently featured in the 9th edition of Gardner and Barefoot’s Your College Experience: Strategies for Success.

“We knew on our campus that money was the second-leading cause of stress, and that it was creating a barrier to academic success,” Trombitas says. “We wanted to look at it as a wellness issue as important to campus administrators as alcohol abuse prevention, nutrition and sex education.”

“In her presentation, Trombitas presents data from the Ohio Student Financial Wellness Survey (OSFWS), which was given to students across Ohio,” her speaker’s bureau, NSLB, notes. “She discusses the results gleaned from the survey about student loan and credit card debt, stress related to debt, personal money management habits, and feelings about their financial futures.”

“The study points out an increased need for financial education for students. “

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