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Ayers Criticizes Obama Surge

Radical UIC [1] professor Bill Ayers [2] took to the streets of Chicago protesting President Obama’s recently-announced surge in Afghanistan. Obama said [3] that he will be sending an additional 30,000 troops with an 18-month withdrawal deadline on Tuesday.

In the video Ayers calls “the idea that there are benchmarks for getting out” of Afghanistan a “myth and a lie.”

“This is an absolute tragedy for the people of the Middle East, for Afghanistan, for us and I think everybody has to take a moment right now and stand up…and bring the troops home now,” he says.

WaPo’s Dana Milbank reported [4] on Dec. 3 that the “the pullout plans are vague and tentative” and classified the President’s statements as “a gesture to assuage the antiwar left.”  Professor, you called it.

Update: Bill Ayers will apparently be speaking [5] to the Penn State [6] Altoona Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi on “Democracy and Public Schools” on December 10th.

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