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From Bluebook to Blueprint

Giving academics the opportunity to do whatever they want with the federal government may not be the brightest idea on the planet. “One great example of a dangerous Obama czar who will have to testify before Congress and did undergo Senate confirmation hearings is John P. Holdren,” Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski point out in their book, The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency. “Dr. Holdren is President Obama’s ‘science czar,’ meaning he is the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.”

“A former professor at Harvard, Holdren is an environmental zealot.”  As Accuracy in Academia has discovered in its own coverage of Holdren [1] and his peers, those two attributes are not mutually exclusive, to say the least.

“He supports radical measures to save the environment, including a ‘Planetary Regime’ (world government) to regulate the world’s population and allocation of resources,” the two Kens claim of Holdren [1]. “He supports putting chemicals in the drinking water or requiring devices to be implanted to limit or neutralize fertility as a form of permanent birth control.”

“In a book he coauthored, Holdren shows the extreme lengths of his fanaticism when he considers how ‘population control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution.’” Another AIA favorite who Blackwell and Klukowski make note of is former University of Chicago [2] professor Cass Sunstein [3], who now directs the White House office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

“Although that office may not sound terribly important, nothing could be further from the truth,” Blackwell and Klukowski argue. “Thousands of federal statutes are interpreted and applied to countless Americans and different situations through regulations.”

That Sunstein can affect such changes is a matter for some concern. “He believes that animals should have legal rights like human beings, including the right to sue in federal court,” Blackwell and Klukowski allege. “Because they lack the ability to speak English (or the intelligence to formulate any abstract thought), he believes that lawyers should be appointed to speak on behalf of animals.”

“Naturally, he believes that hunting should be completely banned, something that will not go over well with NRA members.” And these are Sunstein’s more mainstream views.

“If a program would prevent fifty deaths of people who are twenty should it be treated the same way as a program that would prevent fifty deaths of people who are seventy?” Sunstein wrote in one academic journal “Other things being equal, a program that protects young people seems far better than one that protects old people, because it delivers greater benefits.”

Realize that this man will get to shape Obamacare as it moves through its embryonic stages. Incidentally, the two authors of The Blueprint did fairly exhaustive research on their subject, characteristically.

Blackwell, the former Secretary of State in Ohio, also served in the UN under President George H. W. Bush. Klukowski is a senior legal analyst with the American Civil Rights Union.

When Klukowski attended an Obama rally at George Mason University [4] in 2007, his wife had a Joe Wilson moment, two years before the North Carolina Republican had such an epiphany himself. The episode speaks volumes about how students steeped in training in critical thinking fail to demonstrate those faculties.

“We went to an event on the main campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, on February 2,” Klukowski remembers. “In a room with hundreds of college students who were ecstatic with joy, we listened to Obama make his pitch.”

“I dream of an ER where you can go and you won’t be turned away because you don’t have the right insurance,” then-Senator Obama said.

“Suddenly, I heard a feminine voice I know very well shout, ‘That’s a lie!,’” Klukowki recollects. It turns out that his wife is an emergency room doctor.

“My wife told me that at the hospital where she did her residency after medical school, an estimated 70 percent of her patients—more than two out of three—were uninsured,” Klukowski writes. As it turns out, the crowd didn’t notice the audience participation by one.

“Fortunately for us, most of the crowd didn’t hear my wife,” Klukowski recalled. “Obama kept speaking, the crowd kept hollering, mesmerized as if in a euphoric trance as they gazed upon their Anointed One, and we went unnoticed except for the people who had been standing around us when my wife decided to contribute to the discussion.”

Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski will be the featured speakers at Accuracy in Academia’s next author’s night on June 21, 2009 at Armand’s on Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C. from 6-8 PM.

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia [5].