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Obligatory John Yoo-Stewart Video

UC Berkeley Professor John Yoo [1] recently appeared on the Jon Stewart Daily Show to discuss his new book Crisis in Command. Yoo is best know for authoring the Bush Administration “Torture Memo [2].” I’ve embedded a shorter YouTube video, but the full, extended-length interview can be seen on TheDailyShow.com [3] (not safe for work).

Not everyone’s pleased. From Jackson West on NBC Bay Area [4]:

Former Department of Justice official John Yoo testifies before the House Judiciary committee during a hearing on the administration’s interrogation policy on June 26, 2008 in Washington, DC.

The interview was long, and Yoo affable while Stewart seemed confused. After the interview, Stewart declared it “pretty unsatisfying.” The whole interview, unedited (and possibly not safe for work) is available on the Daily Show’s Web site in three parts.

Meanwhile, anti-torture protestors at the University of California at Berkeley announced in an email statement that a scheduled protest will be held at the Office of the Dean of the Boalt School of Law at 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Yoo will be teaching a course on the California State constitution with a co-teacher and 24 students, but surprisingly, the school has not listed the location of the class in its course catalogue. The course is scheduled to begin Tuesday evening.

Stewart later apologized [5] for failing to “take down” Yoo during the interview calling it “like interviewing sand.”

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