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University of Notre Shame?

Is there nowhere to turn these days for solid information, untainted by the veneer of left-wing political correctness? Time was that private religious colleges and universities offered a “safe haven” from such propaganda, but according to teacher and author Mike Adams [1], those days might be over.

In a recent column on Townhall.com, he pointed out that one particular offender in this regard was The Observer, the student paper of the University of Notre Dame [2]. At issue was the paper’s refusal to print a column expressing views of the Church concerning homosexuals, written by Dr. Charles Rice, a Notre Dame Professor of Law, and longtime column contributor.

At first, The Observer editor Matt Gamber defended his decision not to publish the column by saying it was too long. When that didn’t fly, Gamber appeared to add insult to injury by suggesting that the topic could be better handled by publishing two columns, side by side, from opposing points of view.

This has already caused quite a stir on campus, and of course the logical course of action would be for Editor Gamber to allow Prof. Rice “to present his views (as unthinkable as it may seem to present the views of the Catholic Church at a Catholic university). . .”

The ultimate irony is that Notre Dame’s private school status allows it the freedom to cite these views without running afoul of any First Amendment issues.

Deborah Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia [3].