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Voodoo Anyone? lauded in U.S. Senate

Last month U. S. Senator Michael Enzi, R-Wyoming, recommended Accuracy in Academia’s new textbook to his colleagues in remarks on the Senate floor [1].

“I think this book was delivered to every office,” he noted. “I got one in my office.”

“It is called Voodoo Anyone? It is How to understand economics without really trying. I do hope every Senator finds their copy of this book and takes a look at it because it talks about prices, how prices are set, what affects prices, what happens when you fix prices.”

“Then it talks about health care and energy and education and crime and social and agriculture and labor and monopolies, and financial markets and government

“I have never found a book that put it quite as succinctly or quite as understandably as this book does. We need to be paying some attention to the fixing prices part of it, for sure.”

“I read that to lead up to what he has on Medicare,” Sen. Enzi said. He made these remarks in the midst of the Senate debate over the transformation of American health care.

“When you have high demand and low supply, you get a shortage,” Sen. Enzi observed, summarizing one the book’s key points for his colleagues. “And that’s where the Medicare program stands today—waiting lists, fewer doctors who see Medicare patients and shorter hospital stays are all evidence of a shortage in the medical care for senior citizens.”

“There are several more pages on Medicare I won’t cover. I encourage my colleagues to read it. It is a very small book, a very short book, but it makes a lot of excellent points.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the executive director of Accuracy in Academia [2].