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Want Fries With That?

Apparently the days of students working their way through school at McDonald’s drive-through window are just about numbered. “The Planned Parenthood abortion business in Wisconsin is going beyond the pale in its efforts to push its pro-abortion agenda on kids and teenagers — by hiring them to push its sex education agenda on their peers,” Steve Ertelt [1] reported on Life News.com on December 15, 2011. “Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin recently posted a job listing indicating it is looking for children as young as 14 to work as sex educators.”

“‘Planned Parenthood of WI (PPWI) is hiring Youth Health Educators at PPWI (there are 7 positions available),” the new listing [2] reads. ‘Youth must be between the ages of 14-24, hold a current leadership position in a youth-serving Community Based Organization (CBO) or at their school/college, and be able to work at least 10-12 hours/week.’”

“‘This position will further the department’s mission of creating sexually healthy communities with a focus on reducing the rate of teen and young adult pregnancy and STIs, including HIV/AIDS. More specifically, this position will provide one-on-one health education to youth in our Youth Health Clinics, assist with providing direct sexuality education to youth via the youth text hotline and ‘Youth Nights’ programming, and act as community advocates regarding issues of responsible sexuality education among adolescents and young adults,’the listing says.”

“‘Must have successfully completed 8th Grade. Ability to relate to and influence peers required. Public speaking and presentation experience is a plus. Previous leadership role(s) with other youth programs desired. Bilingual (Spanish/English) skills preferred,’ Planned Parenthood adds.”

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