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Where’s the diversity?

Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have a higher percentage of full-time, tenured faculty positions, announced a report released by the American Council on Education, but are not found among the high leadership positions in higher education, Nick DeSantis [1] reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“In their report, the American Council on Education said only 1.5% of college and university presidents are Asian-American and Pacific Islander,” DeSantis writes. “They make up 7% of full-time, tenured faculty but only 2% of chief academic officers and 3% of academic deans.”

They conclude that possible hurdles are racial bias, a disparity in mentoring and even (gasp!) stereotypes.

Is academia color-blind? Maybe not as much as it thinks it is.


Spencer Irvine is a staff writer at Accuracy in Academia.
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